Top 5 Halloween Movies

With so many clever uses for popcorn, it’s hard not to be in love with Halloween. Plus, there’s a never ending list of Halloween movies. And we all know that nothing – nothing – goes better with movies than our popcorn. So we’ve generated this list of our favorite spooky family films and perfectly paired them with special flavors of our bewitching popcorn, for a Halloween movie night that will become legendary.

220px-The_nightmare_before_christmas_posterThe Nightmare Before Christmas

Grave Plot: Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, becomes obsessed with Christmas. He employs the help of Halloween Town’s other residents (including bats, ghouls, and goblins) to recreate Christmas in lieu of their annual Halloween festivities.

Fright Factor: Oogie Boogie is slightly terrifying and not everyone’s accustomed to limbs and heads being detachable. But it’s animated. So it’s not super scary or anything.

Popcorn Pairing: Monster Munch. Crunchy popcorn cloaked in sweet fruit flavors is sure to be a hit in your Halloween Town. (And yeah, it does happen to match the movie’s color scheme.


Frighteningly Fabulous Halloween Pop

Hey, hey, hey popcorn people! Halloween is just around the corner, so you’re probably busting out the fake spiders, readying the netted cobwebs, and practicing your monster mash. But while you’re getting amped up for a spooky Halloween, don’t forget your all-time favorite snack: popcorn! It’s easy to make popcorn super creepy without a lot of work that other themed party snacks require. You’ve probably already heard of, seen, and/or made those clear gloves stuffed with popcorn, right? Yeah, old news. We can do better than that. Much better.

Halloween Fun

1. Werewolf Fur

Arroooo! (Oh yeah, that’s a werewolf cry.) This popcorn is sure to make them howl – in a good way. Take your delicious, crunchy popcorn and drizzle it with melted chocolate – either dark or milk, it doesn’t matter. Next, take a plethora of coconut shavings and toss it into the mixture and you’ve got a treat they’ll be over the moon about (well, maybe not over it, but barking at it, at any rate).

2. Vampire Bites

No matter their blood type, they won’t be able to reject this perfectly creepy popcorn. Take out your ordinary kettle corn and grab your oil. But instead of making it the usual way, you’re going to take some nice crimson cherry jell-O and add it into the cooking oil. To make it look slightly more realistic, you’ll want to make it darker by adding in a drop or two of red, green, and/or blue food coloring. After completing your perfect sanguine snack, don’t be afraid to drizzle on some chocolate too.


Look Who’s POPular: the Facts about How Much Popcorn is Sold Annually

The greatest modern foods have a habit of being surprisingly not so new. Who would have thought pizza is as old as the wheel? Or that chocolate emerged around the same time as Stonehenge’s completion? Well, like other delicious foods that are enjoyed around the world today, popcorn is a lot older than you may think. Evidence suggests that it dates back to 4700 BCE in Peru. Later, popcorn became a favorite of those native to North America, who eventually introduced it to the English in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Popcorn Facts

But this favorite snack didn’t really gain popularity until times were hard. During desperate years, people sought out ways to be distracted from their troubles and during the Great Depression, nothing was a better diversion than movies. Because popcorn was sold in 5 and 10 cent bags, it was cheap enough for most people to afford, causing sales to increase dramatically. Then, nearly a decade later, popcorn sales increased again with the onset of World War II, though for a different reason. People were still regularly enjoying handfuls of popped corn, but during the war, sugar was rationed, becoming so scarce that the supply of candy made in America was greatly depleted. And people filled the void of sweets with savory popcorn.

In the 1980s, microwaves became more commonplace, causing a shift in where the snack was being consumed. Instead of going to the movies to enjoy handfuls of pop, people could eat it almost instantly in their own homes. Today, only 30% of all popcorn is consumed outside the home.


5 Ways To Use Leftover Popcorn

As good as it may be, a whole bag of popcorn can sometimes be too much for one person…or even a few people. But that doesn’t mean that you should let your leftovers go to waste. Instead of putting your popcorn in the trash, make good use of it by employing some of these ideas:

extra popcorn

Pack It Up

Whether you’re going green or just don’t have Styrofoam peanuts lying around, popcorn can help. It makes a great packing material. Think about it: is it really that much different than packing peanuts? It’s soft on the stuff you’re shipping, but tough enough to withstand the journey.

Deck the Halls

If it’s around December, using popcorn in your decorations is a no brainer. Round up some cranberries, string, and a blunt needle to make a popcorn garland. Popcorn wreaths are another great idea. And even if you’re not decorating for the holidays, you can still use garlands and wreaths. If you want to make them a little more festive, try dying the popcorn with food coloring or tempera paints. Wreaths and garlands are a great festive look all year round and can look adorable around your home during birthdays, holidays, and parties.