How to Build a Popcorn Bar

Are you looking for a special treat for your guests at your next party or reception? Consider setting up a popcorn bar, which are currently all the rage. They’re perfect for anything from house parties to weddings. It’s a real crowd pleaser because everyone loves popcorn! Popcorn bars are easy to set up, fairly inexpensive, and popcorn itself is incredibly versatile. Here are some tips that will help you set up a popcorn bar that all your guests will love.

Patriotic Popcorn In Time for the World Cup


Futball fever? We’re right there with you. The World Cup starts in a mere 20 days and just like the other 700 million football fans, we’re getting pretty antsy.  Since we anticipate watching the matches surrounded by good friends, cold libations, and, of course, crisp popcorn, we decided to create a new snack inspired by good ol’ team USA!


Pop Some Fun Into Your Event!

Check out Pam Noone’s amazing photos! For her daughter’s baby shower, Pam created a popcorn bar that displayed a bounty of our delicious flavors, offering something fun and delicious for guests to snack on. (Looks pretty fabulous, huh?)