7 Tips for a Terrific Picnic

As relaxing as picnics can be, having the perfect one takes a good deal of planning. So, when you’re planning one this summer, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind:
Picnic Tips

Location, Location
Where you’re headed on this outing is going to dictate what you need to bring to enjoy it. If you’re headed to a secluded spot without the hope of picnic tables or benches, make sure to pack a blanket. No garbage cans? Bring bags. Etc.

What’s on the Menu?
Once you know where you’re going, you can plan your menu. Try for non-fussy dishes that don’t require much maintenance (i.e. being kept frozen). Good options are hearty sandwiches, vegetable and pasta salads, fresh fruits, and cheese.

Don’t Skimp on Snacks
While everyone’s enjoying the presumably warm weather and good company, it’s important to have snacks handy. We recommend popcorn (surprise, surprise) in summer-inspired flavors, like Zesty Ranch or Salt ‘n’ Vinegar.

Bring the Essentials
How are you planning on eating this stuff anyway? While you don’t need utensils for a sandwich, enjoying lots of dishes, like a salad, generally requires a fork. So make sure you pack accordingly. (Oh – don’t forget plates and napkins too.)

Wash it Down
Sure, water’s great and all, but there are more elegant ways to wet your whistle on a picnic. We recommend classing it up with a tasty rosé or champagne.

Save Your Skin
Sunburns are uncomfortable. Bring sunscreen – even if it’s cloudy – and then decide if bug spray is a good idea too.

That’s Entertainment
Make sure you pack games and activities. Frisbees, cards (if it’s not too windy), or just a football can make all the difference.


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