Flavor Highlight: Buffalo

12036 GourmetGiftBasket.com There’s no denying that when it comes to tangy, spicy, Buffalo popcorn, we just can’t seem to get enough. So we decided for our very first ever flavor highlight, we’d share the brief history of how classic Buffalo wings were first conceived.

There are a few different tales of exactly how Buffalo wings came about, but most start at the Anchor Bar, in Buffalo, New York.

It’s fabled that in 1964 Teressa Bellissimo, who owned the bar with her husband, Frank, received a late-night visit from her son…along with a slew of his college friends. With a crowd of unexpected guests, Teressa found herself unprepared as a hostess and got to work in the kitchen to create a satisfy snack.

Usually discarded or reserved for stock, chicken wings were readily available in the Anchor Bar’s refrigerator. So Teressa took them and threw them in the deep fryer. Then, to give them some flavor, she coated the fried wings with a vinegar-based sauce of cayenne pepper and butter, thus creating Buffalo wings.

And they caught on. The wings were and still are served alongside of bleu cheese dressing, carrot sticks, and celery – the perfect complements to spicy Buffalo sauce. Today they’re bar food staple and many restaurants have popped up that pay homage to the humble dish, including the famous Wings ‘n’ Things chain.

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