Fourth of July Pop

What’s red, white, and blue all over? Patriotic popcorn, of course! This 4th of July, give those fireworks a run for their money with this super easy to make, explosive treat! (Seriously though, it couldn’t get easier or tastier than this.)


What You’ll Need:
¼ cup oil (canola, peanut, and grapeseed have high smoke points, but whatever your preference)

½ cup kernels

1/3 cup sugar

½ tsp food coloring

Salt to taste (optional)

What You Do:

1. Pour the oil into a saucepan and crank it up to high heat.

2. After it’s been heating up for a few minutes, toss in a few kernels to test the oil temperature and then cover.

3. Once those pop, add in the remaining kernels and then the sugar and food coloring.

4. Put a lid on it! (Those kernels have a tendency to fly into the air otherwise.) It’s a good idea to actually keep pressure on the lid so that it doesn’t burst off.

5. Once all the kernels have popped, remove the pot from the heat and pour its contents into a large bowl. Toss the popcorn around a bit in the bowl so that it doesn’t stick together.

6. If you want to create a sweet and salty treat, like kettle corn, add some salt to taste.

7. Allow it to cool down (burning your mouth is never fun) and then it’s ready to enjoy!

8. Repeat these steps as many times as is necessary for the different colors you want to create.

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

About the Author:

"" is the writer at, maker of delicious handcrafted gourmet popcorn, and currently resides in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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