The Not So Traditional Art of Making Popcorn Easter Eggs

If you haven’t already noticed, we try to offer ways to satisfy your pop cravings at every holiday. The initial idea for Easter was to take our popcorn and make it into flowers, using our apple flavor pop to form the stems.

Armed with four layers of plastic gloves on each hand, I set to work molding the molten green pop into shape. The result was less than desirable:


Yeah. A completely awkward disaster. (Too ambitious?) So it was that a second idea was born: popcorn eggs. Brilliant. This offered a fail-safe way to make our popcorn into an Easter treat! With the much needed help of Joe, the master mind behind our delicious pop, popcorn eggs thus took form.

It sounds like a cinch but trust me – these eggs aren’t a walk in the park. You’ve really got to pack that pop together. After a few failed attempts guided by Joe’s unwavering patience (“Katie, what are you doing?”), the eggs began to take shape:




They look nice, eh?! So bright and festive and perfect! But one color does not a basket of popcorn Easter eggs make. So, we then took our Blue Raspberry and Grape popcorns and fashioned them into eggs too:


Alright, alright – I’ll admit it: maybe they don’t look exactly like Easter eggs. But they’re still pretty cute, especially when you display them in a basket. (This also makes them slightly more believable as eggs.)


In conclusion, popcorn eggs don’t really look like actual eggs. Instead, they have the appearance of popcorn balls that aren’t properly shaped. But they taste delicious and are well received by children, which is why you shouldn’t be hesitant to make your own. If you’re so inclined, here’s a recipe to help you do so. (Let me know how they come out!)




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