Recipe: Popcorn Trail Mix

Here in New Hampshire, there’s no shortage of things to do outside in the summer. Hiking the Presidential Range, plunging into Diana’s Bath, and fishing for bass on Lake Winnipesaukee are all featured on agendas of tourists and locals alike. And all that hiking, swimming, fishing, and (inevitably) driving means snacks should always be on your person. Because nothing ruins a blissful day in the freedom of the outdoors faster than a rumbling stomach.
Popcorn Trail Mix

1 cup plain popped popcorn
13 cup banana chips
13 cup dried strawberries
13 cup raisins
13 cup dried cranberries
14 cup almonds
14 cup peanuts

In a large bowl, mix together the ingredients. Feel free to experiment with portions, adding in more of one ingredient and less of another. When you get it just right, place the mixture into baggies or containers and keep ‘em handy while you enjoy an adventure.

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