3 Ways to Spice Up Your Popcorn

While we love all flavors, there’s a special place in our hearts for seriously spicy popcorn. From time to time, we turn our kitchen into a test lab, experimenting with different combinations of powdered peppers and exotic spices in the hopes of creating the perfect spicy snack.

Of the dozens of popcorn recipes that promise some heat, these three are some of our favorites, as they offer some serious spice at three different increments:

Level 1: Fiery
Delicious and healthy, this surprisingly easy recipe is perfect for adding just a little bit of heat to popcorn with cumin and chili powder.

Level 2: Blazing
For a little more of a kick, chipotle powder may do the trick. It gives the popcorn a heated smoky flavor that’s near impossible to resist. See the full recipe here.

Level 3: Explosive
Ready to clear out those sinuses? We are in love with this Wasabi Soy Sauce Popcorn. It’s tangy and hot (we added a little extra wasabi to ours) and highly addictive, so watch out.

Want to try some spicy popcorn without making it? We’ve got you covered there too. Take a look at our The Spice Is Right Popcorn Tin, composed of our Too Hot to Handle, Cajun, and Chipotle BBQ popcorns.

About the Author:
is the writer at KingOfPOP.com, maker of delicious handcrafted gourmet popcorn, and currently resides in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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