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Buffalo Popcorn

  • $19.99 to $49.99
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You know how buffalo wings are basically always the perfect snack? Well, prepare to have them replaced. Our crunchy pop tastes of sweet melted butter, tangy vinegar, and, of course, perfectly sprinkled cayenne pepper. So go ahead, enjoy your new favorite snack - without using 10 napkins.

Earliest Delivery: October 22, 2016
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by Anonymous on June 27, 2016

I cannot begin to explain how delicious this popcorn is! The buffalo flavoring has heat like you would expect but the flavor is so full bodied! The popcorn itself is of the highest quality and you can tell from the second you put the first kernel in your mouth. Hands down, one of the best popcorn and buffalo flavored snacks I have ever had!

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