"With so many awesome flavors, it’s almost impossible to find just one!"~ Marie, Buffalo, NY
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At KingOfPOP.com, we love bringing smiles to peoples' faces. That's why we created this irresistibly fun gift tin that's specially designed with bright flowers and delicate butterflies! You can choose to fill it with one of three award-winning flavor combinations, either crisp Traditional, classic Chicago, or People's Choice, to create a delightful gift that's sure to make anyone's day!

Popcorn Flavors Inside:
· Traditional (Butter, Caramel, and Cheddar)
· Chicago (Caramel and Cheesy Cheddar)
· People's Choice (Caramel, Cheesy Cheddar, and Kettle)
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Butterflies & Flowers Popcorn Tin

Choose From 3 Flavor Combos
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$39.99 to $49.99
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