"A delicious and unique treat I now send to friends and family for all occasions."~ Michelle & Adam, Phoenix, AZ
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It's no secret that Dad's favorite snacks are both sweet and salty. That's why we created this impressive four-tiered tower. Each beautifully made box is filled with Dad's favorite treats, including our handcrafted gourmet popcorn, gently roasted peanuts, and irresistibly sweet candies, resulting in a gift that's perfect for making Father's Day memorable!

Jawbreakers - Rock hard candies that dissolve layer by layer to reveal a different color and fruit flavor.
Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip by Robert Rothschild Farms - 7.8 oz. - An irresistible dip composed of all-natural ingredients, including sweet honey, tangy mustard, and ripe raspberries.
Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods - 6 oz. - Plump pretzel rods that are lightly dusted with salt and baked until evenly golden.
Mountaineer Trail Mix by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - A filling blend of premium nuts, tender raisins, and sweet chocolate candies.
Honey Roasted Peanuts by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Classic premium peanuts that are coated with gooey honey, dusted with sugar, and gently roasted.
Caramel Popcorn by KingofPOP.com - 6 oz. - Irresistibly fresh handcrafted popcorn that's drenched in a thin layer of crisp caramel.
Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn by KingofPOP.com - 6 oz. - Gourmet popcorn that's coated with a generous amount of real cheddar cheese.

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Father's Day Gift Tower

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