"Excellent for a night in, for a party, or as a gift – you can’t go wrong with this popcorn."~ Josh, Atlanta, GA
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This lovely tower is the perfect way to make someone feel special! Inside four bright printed boxes, we've arranged an unparalleled collection of gourmet treats, like slow-melting truffles, luxurious chocolate drenched fruits, and our own handcrafted gourmet popcorn, resulting in a special gift that delights no matter the occasion!

· (6) Lindt Truffles - Assorted Flavors - Thick shells of exquisitely smooth, slow-melting chocolate that are generously filled with creamy truffle centers.
· Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Marich - 2.3 oz. - Dried strawberries that are coated in artisan chocolate and sealed inside a thin strawberry candy shell.
· Chocolate Covered Cherries by Marich - 2.3 oz. - Tender dried Bing cherries that are drenched in rich chocolate and coated in a shell of cherry confection.
· Holland Mints by Marich - 2.1 oz. - Irresistible peppermint centers that are dipped in rich dark chocolate and coated in a minty sugar shell.
· Dark Chocolate Dipped Cookies by Supreme Chocolatier - 2 oz. - Gourmet sandwich cookies that are drenched in thick layers of artisan dark chocolate.
· Dark Chocolate Signature Bar by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. - A bar of exquisite all-natural dark chocolate that's expertly blended in small batches to guarantee freshness. 
· Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sticks by Sweets Candy Co. - 4.1 oz. - Centers of sweet raspberry jelly that are sealed inside thick layers of sinful dark chocolate.
· Cookies & Cream Popcorn by KingOfPOP.com - 2.5 cups - Our crisp gourmet popcorn that's drenched in silky white chocolate and tossed with pieces of chocolate cookies.
· Tuxedo Popcorn by KingOfPOP.com - 2.5 cups - Handcrafted popcorn that's drenched in sweet, crunchy caramel and drizzled with ribbons of white and milk chocolate.

Dimensions: 8"x 6.5"x 15"
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