"A delicious and unique treat I now send to friends and family for all occasions."~ Michelle & Adam, Phoenix, AZ
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Yes. You did read that correctly. Our love for Thanksgiving has reached a whole new level with these nine outrageous flavors!  We've recreated our favorite classic holiday foods, like tart Cranberry Sauce, succulent Turkey, and sweet Pumpkin Pie, with none other than our delectably crisp handcrafted popcorn! And the best part of this meal? Not a single dish or fork to wash afterwards.

Popcorn Flavors Inside:
· Strawberry Cheesecake
· Mashed Potatoes
· Sweet Potatoes
· Gravy
· Turkey
· Apple Pie
· Pumpkin Pie
· Stuffing
· Cranberry Sauce

* Each flavor of popcorn is packaged in a sealed bag for freshness. Each bag is filled with approximately two cups of popcorn.
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Thanksgiving Popcorn Feast

Turkey / Stuffing / Gravy / Cranberry Sauce / Sweet Potatoes / Mashed Potatoes / Apple Pie / Pumpkin Pie / Strawberry Cheesecake
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