What Dad Doesn’t Want this Father’s Day

As you know, your dad is one a great guy. Every time you needed someone, he was there for you – even during that phase (don’t worry, we all had one). And it wasn’t always easy for him, you know? So this year, for Father’s Day, it’s kind of your duty to show him that you appreciate everything he’s done for you – because he really has done a lot. Of course, there are tons of gifts out there, which is why we’ve made this blog post to help you. Displayed in a somewhat random order, this list is comprised of gifts to avoid so that Father’s Day this year is memorable…but only in a good way.



You should never have to ask what size boxers your dad wears. That’s pretty awkward – it’s your dad, guys. Even if he’s really into boating and you just happen to stumble upon super cute, anchor-printed boxers, it’s not okay. Sure, he might really like them, but this is Father’s Day we’re talking about here.

Exception: None Found.

Dumb Grill Products

What’s more versatile than a hot dog flipper? Tongs. What allows you to rotate meatballs besides an overpriced, specially designed basket? Tongs. How is corn evenly grilled without a non-stick cage? TONGS. So maybe instead of spending a crazy amount of money on ridiculous grilling products, you should just purchase one product that makes sense: a really good pair of tongs.

Exception: A taco grill rack.


Things to Do with Dad on Father’s Day

As you’ve probably heard, there’s this special day that’s dedicated to your Dad called Father’s Day. It comes around once a year and, as it just so happens, it’s not far away. Look guys, I know it can be a challenge to clear your calendar for a whole entire day, but let me just remind you that your Dad cleared like a few decades of his life for you.

Family fishing

That said, it’s important that you make an effort on Father’s Day to spend some quality time with your old man. I’m not suggesting that you forgo giving him a gift – he really deserves one – but rather that you should actually hang out with him too. That’s why we’ve put together this list of things you and your Dad can do together to make him feel special (because he really is).



The Not So Traditional Art of Making Popcorn Easter Eggs

If you haven’t already noticed, we try to offer ways to satisfy your pop cravings at every holiday. The initial idea for Easter was to take our popcorn and make it into flowers, using our apple flavor pop to form the stems.

Armed with four layers of plastic gloves on each hand, I set to work molding the molten green pop into shape. The result was less than desirable:


Yeah. A completely awkward disaster. (Too ambitious?) So it was that a second idea was born: popcorn eggs. Brilliant. This offered a fail-safe way to make our popcorn into an Easter treat! With the much needed help of Joe, the master mind behind our delicious pop, popcorn eggs thus took form.

It sounds like a cinch but trust me – these eggs aren’t a walk in the park. You’ve really got to pack that pop together. After a few failed attempts guided by Joe’s unwavering patience (“Katie, what are you doing?”), the eggs began to take shape:




POP Rocks In 2013

We humans like to get ahead. That’s why palms are read, spring fashions displayed in winter, and technologies stalked years before their debut. It’s also why as soon as January 1st hits, people decide they should predict what’s going to be trendy in the upcoming year. Generally, we at KingofPOP.com don’t pay attention to these sorts of things (we know popcorn’s a great idea no matter what year it is) but it seems in 2013, popcorn may play an even bigger role than we thought.

12036 GourmetGiftBasket.com

According to food critics, chefs, and restaurateurs, this year is going to be HUGE for popcorn. (Really – we’re not making this up and we didn’t pull these projections out off some article on the 50th page of a Google search.) This is widespread. Popcorn graces hundreds of different lists as the new “it” snack from credible sources like Huffington Post, Fox News, The Washington Times, and Food Republic. Yep. Move over potato chips and sayonara pretzels – popcorn’s time is here.

Why, exactly, are people suddenly reaching for fluffy, crunchy, delicious popcorn? Well, unlike other snacks, popcorn packs in antioxidants (even more than some fruits and vegetables), is high in dietary fiber, low in fat, and rich of complex carbohydrates. But it’s not just good for you – it’s delicious too. Without butter and salt, popcorn’s plain taste gets it in the door of basically any recipe. In the upcoming year, be prepared to enjoy your favorite snack on top of ice cream, as a substitute for croutons in your salad, and as a granola replacement for breakfast. People are even adding it to soups instead of crackers and giving cake a little extra crunch.