Experience Our Thanksgiving Popcorn Feast

clip_image002People sometimes ask us why we love Thanksgiving so much, but our answer is always the same: How could we not love Thanksgiving this much? It’s an entire day – 24 golden, delicious hours – when all you do is make food, eat food, and chill out with your favorite people. Basically, there’s nothing to not like about the holiday, which is what lead us to create this, well, rather outrageous collection of gourmet pop…


In looks alone, this sampler does appear similar to others, but it’s so totally different. OR IS IT? Just like all of our flavors, these 9 are fashioned out of the finest gourmet ingredients, yielding delicious snacks that can’t be rivaled. But, as previously stated, they’re slightly crazier than your run-of-the-mill cheddar. With flavors that taste freakishly accurate, anyone can enjoy a full Thanksgiving feast at any time, complete with savory Turkey that’s topped with Gravy, accompanied by a side of stuffing, a helping of sweet potatoes, and finished off with a selection of freshly baked desserts (helllooooo, Apple Pie).


How To Host a Halloween Movie Night

So, you’re having friends over for a night of Halloween films this weekend? Well, we applaud you (frankly, we’ll probably be doing the same thing). But unlike usual movie marathons, you probably want to make this one note worthy, amiright? That’s why we’ve created these tips. Whether you’re planning on watching family-friendly Beetlejuice or a series of cringe-worthy slasher flicks, you can deliver a memorable evening in 4 easy steps:

How To Host A Halloween Movie Night

The Plan:

“Plans are pointless. Staying alive is as good as it gets.” – 28 Days Later (2002)

Actually, pre-zombie apocalypse, we’re all still into a man (or woman) with a plan. So for your movie night, don’t just stockpile freaky films and expect your pals to pick out their favorites. That’s going to take hours and defeat the purpose of you choreographing this event. The first thing you want to do is decide how many scary movies you guys can sit through and what your theme is going to be. You need a theme. Don’t even think you don’t. It can be a director, time period, character, top-horror movies, whatever, it doesn’t matter – just have one and stick to it.


Halloween Candies That Fail

On Halloween, there’s nothing worse than having your creativity rewarded with bad candy. You have to lug that crap around for like 10 blocks, only to get home, dump your loot out, and find that some houses seriously missed the mark. Sure, you can try to trade with your friends, but there are some confections that no one – not even your best bud – is willing to find redemption in. And here they are, in no particular order, the worst of the worst Halloween candies:

Halloween Candies That Fail

1. Bubble Gum

In a world where Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups exist, what kid wants to waste their time unwrapping single pieces of Double Bubble? Don’t be fooled by the packaging; these pink, rock-hard slabs will never live up to their promises of outrageous bubbles and lasting flavors.

2. Symphony Bars

While you’re at it, why don’t you just hand out jars of Grey Poupon. No kid – or even adult, for that matter – in their right mind is stoked to get a Symphony bar. It’s exactly the same thing as a Hersey bar, only it’s creamier because everyone wants a creamy candy bar that’s about as symphonic as the Baha Men, which is to say it fails in every way.


Fourth of July Pop

What’s red, white, and blue all over? Patriotic popcorn, of course! This 4th of July, give those fireworks a run for their money with this super easy to make, explosive treat! (Seriously though, it couldn’t get easier or tastier than this.)


What You’ll Need:
¼ cup oil (canola, peanut, and grapeseed have high smoke points, but whatever your preference)

½ cup kernels

1/3 cup sugar

½ tsp food coloring

Salt to taste (optional)

What You Do:

1. Pour the oil into a saucepan and crank it up to high heat.

2. After it’s been heating up for a few minutes, toss in a few kernels to test the oil temperature and then cover.