9 Essential Grilling Tips

    In just a few more days it will officially be summer and we couldn’t be more excited! Summer promises us three glorious months of barbequed meats, grilled vegetables, and corn on the cob (our second favorite form of corn). And since we know that just about everyone enjoys grilled foods as much as we do, we thought we’d share some of our tips to help you perfect your technique!



Recipe: Rocky Road Popcorn

Apparently yesterday was National Rocky Road Day. We missed that. But what we didn’t miss was the opportunity to translate the classic ice cream flavor into a sticky, crisp, can’t-get-enough-of-it popcorn treat.



Recipe: Brown Ale Popcorn

A few weeks ago, we heard a rumor that it was possible to make a popcorn flavor that tasted like beer. Excited does not accurately describe our enthusiasm. We were thrilled at the prospect of united our two favorite things together in a hybrid that could succeed where the cronut had failed.



Patriotic Popcorn In Time for the World Cup


Futball fever? We’re right there with you. The World Cup starts in a mere 20 days and just like the other 700 million football fans, we’re getting pretty antsy.  Since we anticipate watching the matches surrounded by good friends, cold libations, and, of course, crisp popcorn, we decided to create a new snack inspired by good ol’ team USA!