Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn

One of my favorite past times is sitting on the couch after a long day of work and enjoying a large bowl of popcorn (Olivia Pope, anyone??). I like to mix it up with flavors and that’s where Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn comes into play. This popcorn was so easy to make in just a few… Read More >

10 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Popcorn

Ahhhh popcorn. This delicious snack food pretty much speaks for itself, but here are 10 popcorn facts you may not know about Zea Mays Everta, aka popcorn. It’s Healthy for You! – As a low-calorie snack, popcorn only contains 31 calories per serving and that’s for a whole cup of popcorn. Compare this to the… Read More >

Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

Most homemade granola bars are packed with dried fruit and nuts, which is all well and good unless you are allergic (like me). Not only is this recipe for granola bars nut free but it’s dairy-free and gluten-free as well! If you aren’t allergic to nuts, you can certainly customize this recipe and sub in… Read More >

Popcorn Crusted Macaroni and Cheese

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? It’s a dinner that will bring a smile to anyone’s face – after all, it is the ultimate comfort food. This macaroni and cheese recipe takes a unique turn by using popcorn as a crunchy topping instead of the more typical bread crumbs. While I enjoyed the uniqueness, the… Read More >

Cheddar Popcorn Bread

Popcorn is a healthy whole grain snack, but its uses far exceed snack time cravings. It’s a versatile ingredient that you can use in everything from dessert to breakfast and beyond. I had never thought to use it in cornbread and the result was fantastic – very light and airy yet at the same time,… Read More >