Frighteningly Fabulous Halloween Pop

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Hey, hey, hey popcorn people! Halloween is just around the corner, so you’re probably busting out the fake spiders, readying the netted cobwebs, and practicing your monster mash. But while you’re getting amped up for a spooky Halloween, don’t forget your all-time favorite snack: popcorn! It’s easy to make popcorn super creepy without a lot of work that other themed party snacks require. You’ve probably already heard of, seen, and/or made those clear gloves stuffed with popcorn, right? Yeah, old news. We can do better than that. Much better.

1. Werewolf Fur

Arroooo! (Oh yeah, that’s a werewolf cry.) This popcorn is sure to make them howl – in a good way. Take your delicious, crunchy popcorn and drizzle it with melted chocolate – either dark or milk, it doesn’t matter. Next, take a plethora of coconut shavings and toss it into the mixture and you’ve got a treat they’ll be over the moon about (well, maybe not over it, but barking at it, at any rate).

2. Vampire Bites

No matter their blood type, they won’t be able to reject this perfectly creepy popcorn. Take out your ordinary kettle corn and grab your oil. But instead of making it the usual way, you’re going to take some nice crimson cherry jell-O and add it into the cooking oil. To make it look slightly more realistic, you’ll want to make it darker by adding in a drop or two of red, green, and/or blue food coloring. After completing your perfect sanguine snack, don’t be afraid to drizzle on some chocolate too.

3. Litter Pop

Okay, this dessert is slightly unsettling, but that’s sort of the point, right? Besides, it’s still totally delicious. Take some chocolate covered popcorn and set it in a baking dish. Cover the top generously with crunchy graham cracker pieces. Then for the – er – “loads,” you’ll want to melt some tootsie rolls. (By varying how soft you make them, your litter will look slightly more realistic.) Place them on top of the graham cracker crumbs, and voila, you’ve got a creepy treat. Want to get even creepier? You can serve it in a litter box with a scooper. Yep. We went there.

4. Creepy Crunch

Want to make something fun and frighteningly festive too? Then it’s time to make some monsters. So, popcorn balls are easy enough to make but all by their lonesome, they’re pretty boring. Think about how you make gingerbread houses during the winter holidays and employ those techniques to your pop. Take frosting and/or chocolate and use it to glue gum drop eyeballs, red licorice mouths, black licorice hair, candy corn spikes, etc. to the balls.

Have fun, be creative, and keep it spooky.


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