POP Rocks In 2013

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We humans like to get ahead. That’s why palms are read, spring fashions displayed in winter, and technologies stalked years before their debut. It’s also why as soon as January 1st hits, people decide they should predict what’s going to be trendy in the upcoming year. Generally, we at KingofPOP.com don’t pay attention to these sorts of things (we know popcorn’s a great idea no matter what year it is) but it seems in 2013, popcorn may play an even bigger role than we thought.

According to food critics, chefs, and restaurateurs, this year is going to be HUGE for popcorn. (Really – we’re not making this up and we didn’t pull these projections out off some article on the 50th page of a Google search.) This is widespread. Popcorn graces hundreds of different lists as the new “it” snack from credible sources like Huffington Post, Fox News, The Washington Times, and Food Republic. Yep. Move over potato chips and sayonara pretzels – popcorn’s time is here.

Why, exactly, are people suddenly reaching for fluffy, crunchy, delicious popcorn? Well, unlike other snacks, popcorn packs in antioxidants (even more than some fruits and vegetables), is high in dietary fiber, low in fat, and rich of complex carbohydrates. But it’s not just good for you – it’s delicious too. Without butter and salt, popcorn’s plain taste gets it in the door of basically any recipe. In the upcoming year, be prepared to enjoy your favorite snack on top of ice cream, as a substitute for croutons in your salad, and as a granola replacement for breakfast. People are even adding it to soups instead of crackers and giving cake a little extra crunch.

But even unaccompanied by other foods, our beloved popcorn is a treat people go crazy about. Unlike other snacks, popcorn is sort of a blank canvas, perfect for inventing delicious new tastes (come on – you’ve seen our flavors), making it easy for chefs to put their own spin on it. No matter what you’re looking to snack on, there’s a flavor of popcorn out there to satisfy your cravings, whether it be sweet, savory, or plain.

So, while we’re not focused on being trendy (we like to turn our attention to making the most delicious popcorn ever), we’re excited at the prospect of more people than ever enjoying the delicious tastes of our handcrafted gourmet popcorn in 2013!

About the Author:

” is the writer at KingOfPOP.com, maker of delicious handcrafted gourmet popcorn, and currently resides in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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