Things to Do with Dad on Father’s Day

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As you’ve probably heard, there’s this special day that’s dedicated to your Dad called Father’s Day. It comes around once a year and, as it just so happens, it’s not far away. Look guys, I know it can be a challenge to clear your calendar for a whole entire day, but let me just remind you that your Dad cleared like a few decades of his life for you.

That said, it’s important that you make an effort on Father’s Day to spend some quality time with your old man. I’m not suggesting that you forgo giving him a gift -€“ he really deserves one -€“ but rather that you should actually hang out with him too. That’s why we’ve put together this list of things you and your Dad can do together to make him feel special (because he really is).

Action Packed Adventure

We all know the only reason your Dad ever (willingly) goes to the movies: the action. He’s all about the explosions and special effects, the big screen and the popcorn -€“ so indulge him! See what’s playing in your area (in IMAX or 3D, if possible) and go get a hefty dose of adrenaline-packed adventure!

Sail Away

O Captain! My Captain! Take to the sea (or lake… or pond) with your ol’€™ mate! There are plenty of places where you can rent canoes, kayaks, and even boats for a nautical outing that will make the day special. Just remember to bring the right supplies, like sunscreen and snacks, so that it’s memorable in a good way.

Off the Hook

Spend some reel quality time with Dad catching fish. Charter boats litter the coast – not just of the ocean but large lakes too -€“ and it’s not like you have to have one to fish. Depending on your locale, mosey on down to a lake or pond, or try your hand at fly fishing. If it’s something you’ve never done before, look into gear that you can rent, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It may sound juvenile, but mini-golf is a great way to spend time with Dad. And after he’s totally kicked your butt (don’t fret; we all know the hole with windmill is a toughie), stop in at a roadside ice cream shop or grab lunch at a place you used to frequent. Is it childish? Yep. But you are, after all, still his child.

Go On Tour

Cheers, mate! Depending on how old you are and if your Dad likes beer, it might be fun to check out a brewery in your local area. In the past few decades, craft breweries have become tremendously popular, so it’s totally possible that there’s one close to you!

Fire it Up

Dad may make one heck of a burger, but he might not always want to be in charge of the grill. (Or maybe he does, but doesn’t want to man it alone.) So, give him some company. Grab all the things you need for the best BBQ ever and spend the afternoon hanging out. It may not be a lavish affair, but being together is really what will make the day special.

Out to the Ballgame

Hey batter, batter! America’s favorite pastime is probably Dad’s too. Whether it’s played by the major league team he follows or just a game in a local league, there’s nothing like spending a few hours in a stadium with your favorite people.

Rock Steady

You might think your Dad is too old for a good concert, but chances are, he’d probably enjoy it. Look for bands or artists that you know he’s into. The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Fleetwood Mac, The B-52s – they’re all still rocking and that means deep down, Dad is too.

Have A Few Laughs

Make Father’s Day a laughing matter by taking him to a comedy show. Of course it’s always better if the comedian’s actually funny, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s something that you most likely don’t do too often and -€“ funny or not -€“ it will create a memory… which is kind of the whole point.

Go Great Heights

Take a hike… and bring your Dad with you! Is the mountain a symbol of the relationship you two have grown? Maybe. But you really don’t have to be deep. Just wear sturdy shoes, pack a camera, and prepare a delicious picnic lunch for when you reach the summit.

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