Time-Saving Gardening Tips for Mom

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Inspired by our delightful Mother’s Day gifts and the onset of warm weather, we decided to make this week’s blog post full of time-saving tips for the garden. Because being a mom usually means also being short on time.

1. Don’t play hide and seek with your gardening tools. Instead paint them bright colors, like neon yellow, so you can easily spot them amongst the greenery.

2. And, while you’re at it, keep a spare set of tools in your garden. That way, when you spot a few pesky weeds you don’t have to make a trip all the way to the garage.

3. While you might not want to be out in a rainstorm, immediately after showers is a good time to weed. The soil gets super moist, causing stubborn weeds to come out without too much of a fight.

4. Not a huge fan of super chemical weed killers? Try spraying good old-fashioned vinegar onto those undesirables instead. It’s cheap, eco-friendly, and fast working. Just be sure not to get any on plants you wish to keep.Mothers-Day-2014-1

5. Although slightly more expensive upfront than annuals, shrubs are a low maintenance way to fill out a garden. Generally speaking, shrubs require little water, rarely need to be pruned, and attract plenty of birds and butterflies.

6. A feast for birds in winter, ornamental grasses are plans that keep on giving. In the summer, they add texture to the landscape, they look rustic in fall, and only require being cut back in the spring.

7. If you plan on enjoying fresh vegetables and herbs from your garden, don’t plant them too far away! Keeping them close to your back door means that you’ll be more aware of when they need to be watered and harvested.

8. Don’t ditch your old laundry basket. If you’re harvesting fruits and vegetables, your old basket makes the perfect oversized colander, allowing you to quickly rinse off dirt.

9. When picking out new plants for your garden, go with varieties that are native to your area. They’re more likely to do will in your soil without requiring too much TLC.

10. Succulents instantly make a garden look cool. They come in a variety of interesting shapes, boast exquisite ranges of color, and are accustomed to desert climates, which means they’ll be fine if they don’t get watered every day.

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