Top 5 Halloween Movies

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With so many clever uses for popcorn, it’s hard not to be in love with Halloween. Plus, there’s a never ending list of Halloween movies. And we all know that nothing – nothing – goes better with movies than our popcorn. So we’ve generated this list of our favorite spooky family films and perfectly paired them with special flavors of our bewitching popcorn, for a Halloween movie night that will become legendary.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Grave Plot: Jack, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, becomes obsessed with Christmas. He employs the help of Halloween Town’s other residents (including bats, ghouls, and goblins) to recreate Christmas in lieu of their annual Halloween festivities.

Fright Factor: Oogie Boogie is slightly terrifying and not everyone’s accustomed to limbs and heads being detachable. But it’s animated. So it’s not super scary or anything.

Popcorn Pairing: Monster Munch. Crunchy popcorn cloaked in sweet fruit flavors is sure to be a hit in your Halloween Town. (And yeah, it does happen to match the movie’s color scheme.


Hocus Pocus

Grave Plot: Three spooky sisters are resurrected from the dead in the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween and it’s up to a little girl and a centuries-old cat to bring them down.

Fright Factor: The scariest part of this movie is probably Bette Midler’s teeth. (Have a tree out back that needs to come down?) Seriously. Otherwise, it’s predictable, but super fun nonetheless.

Popcorn Pairing: Goblin’s Grub. Three weird sisters meet three weird (but delicious) flavors, like Worms in the Dirt and White Chocolate Caramel Corn.





Grave Plot: An adventurous little girl, Coraline, is able to flee from her less-than-desirable home life to an idealized version of her life, only to find that it isn’t as perfect as it seems.

Fright Factor: Keep the lights on. Sure, this beautiful stop-animation is a thrill to watch, but that doesn’t make button eyes any less scary.

Popcorn Pairing: Chocolate Dreams. People slip into a dream-like state when they eat this pop, causing them to forget reality – that’s how good it is. (Coraline probably wishes she just had this instead of a new world, huh?)



Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Grave Plot: Until death do us part? …Not Exactly. Shy Victor Van Dort practices his vows in the woods on the eve of his wedding, accidently becoming the husband of the Corpse Bride.

Fright Factor: There are talking skeletons, dead creatures, and decaying bodies – but all in good fun.

Popcorn Pairing: Dark Chocolate Caramel. It’s dreamily dark but totally sweet too – just like the movie.






Grave Plot: A recently deceased couple copes with the new inhabitants of their home by employing the help of a bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice.

Fright Factor: With the exception of some squirm-inducing giant worms, the movie isn’t frightening so much as it is gross. One look at Beetlejuice’s face sort of clues you in on this.

Popcorn Pairing: Mint Cookie Mayhem. Just like Beetlejuice, this flavor is a bit zany but completely irresistible.

Not scared enough? Check out these films that are also great for your frightening film fest: Casper, The Witches, The Addam’s Family, and Ghostbusters. Did we miss any? What movies are you going to be watching in preparation for this Halloween?


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