What Dad Doesn’t Want this Father’s Day

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As you know, your dad is one a great guy. Every time you needed someone, he was there for you -€“ even during that phase (don’t worry, we all had one). And it wasn’t always easy for him, you know? So this year, for Father’s Day, it’s kind of your duty to show him that you appreciate everything he’s done for you – because he really has done a lot. Of course, there are tons of gifts out there, which is why we’ve made this blog post to help you. Displayed in a somewhat random order, this list is comprised of gifts to avoid so that Father’s Day this year is memorable… but only in a good way.


You should never have to ask what size boxers your dad wears. That’s pretty awkward – it’s your dad, guys. Even if he’s really into boating and you just happen to stumble upon super cute, anchor-printed boxers, it’s not okay. Sure, he might really like them, but this is Father’s Day we’re talking about here.

Exception: None Found.

Dumb Grill Products

What’s more versatile than a hot dog flipper? Tongs. What allows you to rotate meatballs besides an overpriced, specially designed basket? Tongs. How is corn evenly grilled without a non-stick cage? TONGS. So maybe instead of spending a crazy amount of money on ridiculous grilling products, you should just purchase one product that makes sense: a really good pair of tongs.

Exception: A taco grill rack or a sweet grilling gift basket.


He rips off the wrapping paper with anticipation and exclaims pretends to be enthusiastic, “socks!”€ Let’s face it: they’re freaking boring and no one -€“ not even your dad -€“ wants them as a gift.

Exception: If the socks you purchase are for something specific. Like, say your dad does a lot of hiking in cooler climates, then it’s okay to hunt down some specialty socks. But trouser and ankle socks are a total snooze fest.


Maybe we try to lump both of our parents into one entity that likes similar things. But it really doesn’t work that way. While Mom may be content receiving candles, Dad has no use for them. Most likely, he’ll just give them to Mom, which defeats the point of the gift for Dad.

Exception: Bacon Candles.

Hair Growth Products

You want Dad to look his best -€“ we get it -€“ but this isn’t the time to remind him that he’s going the way of Danny DeVito. It’s a special day. Try not to ruin it.

Exception: None Found.


Wanting Dad to smell good is no crime, but you may want to leave such a purchase to someone else… someone like Dad’s significant other. If you’re trying to keep Dad sexy, that’s weird. And if not, you’re subliminally telling him he’s stinky, which is mean. Lose-lose.

Exception: Your dad has a favorite kind of cologne that he’s worn since forever and you know his supply is dwindling. But still, you can probably think of a better gift.


Nothing comes between Dad and his Calvins… which is exactly why they shouldn’t be purchased by you as a Father’s Day gift. He’s been buying himself clothes for a while; he doesn’t need your “€œexpert”€ opinion on what he should be wearing.

Exception: Items that are specific to a hobby or pastime, like golf shirts or fishing gear.

Personal Hygiene Products

Dad’s upkeep is important. But he can take care of that all by himself. He doesn’t need soap with Dead Sea minerals or shampoo with jojoba -€“ trust us -€“ he’s all set using the stuff that’s been working for years.

Exception: Old-fashioned razors.

Gift Cards

Nothing says you couldn’t care less about Dad than a gift card. So what if it’s to his favorite store. A gift card -€“ even for Home Depot -€“ is something you could very well have picked up at the grocery and thus requires no real thought. Of course, worse than this is gifting one of those pre-loaded credit cards. This is your dad, guys. Show some respect.

Exception: A gift card that enables him to travel.


“€œI sent my kid to college and all I got was this lousy succulent.”€ Not okay.

Exception: Your Pop is really into gardening and you get him plants you know he’ll love.


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