Worst Flavors Of The Year

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It’s been a big year. We’ve had an election, the Summer Olympics, Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, and the debut of Gangnam Style. But, of course, you probably knew all of that – you were around. So instead of summarizing the events of an entire year you remember like it was yesterday (because it basically was), we’ll fill you in on some 2012’s worst POPculture you may have missed: these atrocious flavors of crunchy popcorn gone wrong.

1. Burgundy Wine Cheddar Cheese

Oh, you fancy now, popcorn. This elegant flavor allows you to explore alluring aromas, complex palates, and extra sharpness like you’ve never been able to before. So, if you’re prepping for a dinner party, no need to go overboard on the cheese and cracker plates or pour glasses of perfectly paired vino – simply disperse this posh pop onto a platter! Man, will your friends be impressed.

2. Caffeine-Infused

Skip the stop at Starbucks – you can now snack on your daily fix! Joining the list of bizarre caffeine-infused foods (a trend we hope to see decline in 2013) is our beloved popcorn. But unlike buzzing waffles and pick-me-up oatmeal, popcorn seems pretty random to be infused with caffeine. Do many of us munch on popcorn in the morning on our way to work? I think not.

3. Pregnancy Mix (Ice Cream and Dill Pickle)

You scream, I scream, we all scream at the thought of this popcorn. We get that when you’ve got a kernel ready to pop, completely disgusting flavors get your mouth watering. But that’s for you and the walls of your home to witness. If you’re craving dill pickles and ice cream, grab a jar from the fridge and a carton from the freezer. (Worse still is not being pregnant and ordering this. Oh, the shame.)

4. Beer

No need to fish your bottle opener out of the drawer – this easy-to-open bag of popcorn gives you the same great taste without the promise of a hangover! Since popcorn and brews are so often consumed together, why not unite them, right? Wrong. We like our beer cold, refreshing, and rejuvenating and our popcorn without a hoppy aftertaste.

5. Pumpkin

Over the moon about the taste of your autumnal Jack-o-lantern? Hopefully so, because now you can enjoy it on your favorite snack all year round! And I ask you: what could possibly be better than that? (Besides a popcorn flavor that you actually want to eat, of course.)


About the Author:

” is the writer at KingOfPOP.com, maker of delicious handcrafted gourmet popcorn, and currently resides in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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