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Christmas Popcorn Gifts

Generally, people write letters to Santa because he’s in the know about really good presents.  But lately, our mailbox has been getting pretty stuffed with want-lists addressed to us instead. That’s because our gifts are what people want more than anything else.  So this year, give them popcorn – a gift that truly tops a partridge in a pear tree (and save them the postage of mailing us another letter).

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No Need to Check It Twice

With samplers of tempting flavors like Dark Chocolate Peppermint and crunchy Gingerbread, which are all handcrafted using the finest ingredients and gourmet pop, it’s not hard to understand why our popcorn is on everyone's wish lists.  Plus, we’ve put our most iconic, classic flavors into festive holiday tins making them perfect for Christmas celebrations. 

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