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Roll Out the Red Carpet Gift Basket

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Roll out the red carpet for this award-worthy gift basket! It’s easy to see why this basket is a huge fan favorite, as it comes with seven different flavors of our gourmet popcorn, including Cinnamon & Brown Sugar, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel, and Buffalo. But that’s not all it has! We’ve included flavored pretzels and we’ve even added chocolate filled cookies and M&M candies for all you chocolate lovers out there.


  • (4) Vintage Popcorn Dishes - Four adorable, vintage-style containers that make sharing a bowl a thing of the past. 
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn by - 3.14 oz. - Creamy caramel mixes perfectly with pink Himalayan sea salt for that perfect balance of sweet and salty.
  • Plain M&Ms by Mars - 3.4 oz. - Candy coated bite sized chocolate candies - a classic movie snack!
  • Sun Dried Tomato Basil Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. - Gourmet popcorn with a unique Italian spin - this popcorn tastes of sun dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and basil.
  • Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Company - 2 oz. - A tasty snack mix that consists of cheddar cheese crackers, crunchy pretzel nuggets, and premium nuts.
  • Honey Mustard Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. - Gourmet popcorn that has delectable honey mustard taste in every bite.
  • Buffalo Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. - Gourmet popcorn with kick - this popcorn will make you think you're eating buffalo wings without all the drippy mess!
  • Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzels by Harvey's Pretzels - 4 oz. - These pretzels give you that great honey mustard taste with a yummy blend of onion.
  • Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettle Corn by - 4.2 oz. - Sweet and delicious, this gourmet kettle corn is made with freshly ground cinnamon and sweet brown sugar.
  • Chocolate Wafer Roll Petites by Dolcetto - 5 oz. - European-style wafers that are rolled to perfection, with a crunchy coat on the outside to protect the rich and smooth chocolate on the inside.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn by - 1.4 oz. - We've taken our kettle corn up a notch by tossing it with just the right amount of sea salt and cracked black pepper.
  • Zesty Ranch Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. - Our gourmet popcorn is seasoned to perfection with a zesty blend of garlic, herbs, and cool buttermilk.


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